Why, What & When

Firstly, welcome and thanks for visiting my blog site. 

I'd been considering creating a blog for a longtime and a few people had asked why I hadn't already. Available time has been the main issue. Finding the time between the 'day job' and personal life always the challenge as it is for us all.

Why? Well, it's often very difficult to sometimes get to the 'nub' of a situation in a 3 minute interview or tweet. This will perhaps give me a chance to expand a little more, widen the perspective or take the subject even into a different direction.

What will I be writing about? Well, in most cases it will probably be my own personal assessment, analysis, advice and comment on terrorism, security, safety and threat incidents. I'll also try and provide a little bit of insight into what my 'day' job involves.

When? This will be the challenging part. I'll be posting things as and when time allows and when anything occurs or pops up that I think might be worth writing about. 

Lastly, and for any of my respected client's and contacts who may worry this blog could give them sleepless nights; Don't worry. I certianly won't be 'naming names' and any situations I refer to will be suitably changed to 'protect the innocent' and, on occasion, even the 'less innocent'.

Thanks for even getting this far. Here goes and let's see what happens.